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Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul Vishwavidya Pratishthanam

Operated By Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul Sarvajiva Hitavah Trust

Sadguru Shree Madhavpriyadasji Swami

President of SGVP

HH Swami Shree Madhavpriyadasji Swami is a blessed disciple of P. P. Sadguru Shastriji Maharaj Shree Dharamjivandasji Swami, the founder of ancient Gurukul system in modern era.


HH Swami Shree Madhavpriyadasji obtained Master’s degree of Vedantacharya at Sampoornanand Sanskrit University – Varanasi superbly with 2 gold medals, in 1977.

HH Swamiji received 2 gold medals at national level sanskrit competition.

HH Swamiji received 2 gold medals and 6 silver medals in various sanskrit competition in Varanasi.

HH Swamiji is honoured with ‘Sadguru’ padavi by HH Acharya Maharaj – Shree Laxminarayandev Gadi Sansthan, Vadtal.

Sandeepany Vidyaniketan, Porbandar honored him with the title of ‘Devarshi‘, in 2002.

Award of ‘Professional Excellence‘ was conferred on him in 2005 by Rotary International.

On the basis of his prociencies the degree of ‘Vidvatvibhushan‘ was awarded to him by two organizations Viz. Sanskrit Research Academy-Melkot and Gujarat Vidwat Parishad in 2009.

Shree Somnath Sanskrit University, Veraval honored Swamiji with the Vidya Vachaspati (D.Lit.) degree, in the 2014.

Due to mission and works of Swamiji, SGVP awarded with Creator of Peace Ambassadors award by International Peace Research Association (IPRA)for Preservation of traditional values, unique work in value based education, cultivation of harmony among various cultures across the world (IIM A’bad Nov. 28, 2018).

HH Swamiji has played a vital role in promoting Vedic Culture and value based education in India and abroad. HH Swamiji founded the SGVP International School and traditional Darshanam Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya at Ahmedabad that, are the ones in India to receive an American Accreditation as a recognized International school and a Sanskrit college respectively.

HH Swamiji has also established a well-equipped Kanya Gurukul (School for girls) in rural area of Saurashtra.

H.H. Swamiji has travelled many continents including Americas, Europe, Africa, Australia, canada and Asia to promote values and religious harmony.

In the millennium year 2000 Swamiji participated in the World Religious conference at the United Nations in New York.

In 2015 participated in Parliament of World Religion held at Salt Lack city, USA.

He also played the vital role in Hindu Jewish Leadership Summit – New Delhi (2007), Jerusalem (2008) & USA (2009).

Swamiji participated in Hindu Buddhist Summit – Cambodia (2009).

He also took part in the World Hindi Conference at USA.

Swamiji Participated World Hindu Congress – New Delhi (2014).

Swamiji Delivered lecture in International Yoga Festival, Rushikesh 2014.

HH Swamiji has attended numerous conferences in India and abroad as an active member trusty of Hindu Dharm Acharya Sabha, the great organization of Hinduism for inter faith religious harmony.

HH Swamiji is currently leading the ‘Clean India & Green India‘ campaign and has adopted 108 villages for the provision of pure water, cleanliness and sanitation hygiene in these locations.

HH Swamiji runs many projects to help needy people in the fields of health, education and environment.

Because of the inspiration and efforts of H.H. Swamiji approximately thousand check dams have been constructed in water scarce areas of Saurashtra & Kutchh. The relief and rehabilitation works are carried out to help people recover from the natural calamities such as earthquakes, foods and other disasters. Under his leadership 56 schools have been constructed in earthquake affected areas.

As a part of Environment preservation, tens of thousands of trees have been planted and protected to maintain the ecological balance.

HH Swamiji has authored 15 books on various inspiring topics.

To create religious harmony Swamiji has conducted hundreds of religious, spiritual and cultural discourses and held Seminars and camps all over the world.