- Ribda, Rajkot

Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul Vishwavidya Pratishthanam

Operated By Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul Sarvajiva Hitavah Trust

SGVP - A Vision to Reality

Jay Shree Swaminarayan !

SGVP is a medium to propagate the message of ‘Sarvjeevhitavah’ and ‘Sadvidya’ throughout the world initiated by Bhagwan Shree Swaminarayan. It is the aim of SGVP to impart value-based education, integrated with science and religion to the children.

The selfless activities of Gurukul spread just like a Banyan tree. The field of activities of Gurukul is not only to impart education but also other philanthropic activities. Benevolent activities of Gurukul are carried out as per the commandment of ‘Sarvjeevhitavah’ of Bhagwan Shree Swaminarayan which strengthen the religious, social, cultural and national feeling.


The vision of H.H. Shastriji Maharaj Shree Dharmajivandasji Swami lies in the root of these philanthropic activities which are nurtured by H.H. Purani Shree Prem prakashdasji Swami and are blessed by highly realized saint H.H. Shree Jogi Swami. 

Many holy saints have offered the oblations of their lives for this most pious and noble work. Thousands of loyal devotees have offered everything of them to serve the humanity. The credit of   success goes to these holy saints.

After the demise of H.H. Shastriji Maharaj, this altruistic endeavour got reinforcement for its growth from Purani Shree Bhaktiprakashdasji Swami, Purani Shree Balkrishnadasji Swami and Purani Shree Hariswarupdasji Swami