Daily Schedule

Daily routine plays an important role in the hostel life.

It is designed in such a way that it instills and enhances study, sports and spirituality along with life skills & values. Thus, it helps the students in each and every walk of their daily life and transforms them into all-rounders. Various activities included make it more interesting and result giving. It varies in different season and at the time of examinations.

6:00 AM       Wake up 

6:45 AM       Pooja

7:20 AM       Room & bed arrangement

7:30 AM       Breakfast 

8:00 AM       School hour's

3:00 PM       Rest time

4:30 PM       Snacks

5:00 PM       Activities

6:00 PM        Laundry & Evening shower

6:45 PM        Evening Assembly

7:20 PM        Dinner

8:00 PM        Study

9:30 PM        Milk & T.V

10:20 PM      Good Night