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Dr. Ravi Trivedi

Academic Qualifications

Ph D in Electrical Engineering. Also holds a unique combination of qualifications in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (BSME, MIES). He has not only been trained in Management techniques but has trained many many managers in various management courses ranging from the Supervisory skills to Executive leadership. Throughout his studies at the University of Toledo (Ohio, USA) he held highest grade point average (3.98 out of possible 4.0). He obtained his first qualification in Electrical Engineering at the age of 17.


In the forty eight years of his professional career, he has worked in Academic, Institutional, Industrial and Commercial sectors of which over 30 years have been spent in Airports field where he started as a site engineer in Toronto, Canada and reached the position of Executive Coordinator to the Minister of Transport and Prime Minister’s council for the Canadian National Transportation Policy Implementation. In this position he was responsible for supporting Government’s initiative of commercializing (privatizing) all Canadian airports.

His work during the entire career was recognized in Canada and USA which is evident from the following facts:

He won an unprecedented 11 promotions in a twenty-year span.

Received “Employee of the Year” award from among 27,000 employees.

Was awarded Governor General’s (Equivalent of Presidential) Gold Medal for the exemplary service to Canada.

Was chosen as the only non-American ever to sit on the USA’s FAA National Steering Board for Air Navigational NPC Committee appointed by the then President Regan’s Secretary of Transportation Elizabeth Dole.

His unique experience in the airports field covers virtually all areas ranging from Master Planning, Design, Engineering, Construction, Ground and Air Movements, Airside and Landside facilities, new facilities to expansion, Operation to Maintenance and Life Cycle issues. He has been involved in managing 152 Canadian airports.

His expert advice has also been sought by such airports as Seattle, Denver, Kansas City, San Francisco, and Salt Lake City plus FAA facilities throughout the USA and other airports including Madrid, Munich etc. in Europe. Upon his early voluntary retirement from the Ministry of Transport Canada, in 1995, Hong Kong’s new International Airport invited him to advise on the engineering matters. It was supposed to be a twelve-month assignment. After thirteen years he is still being retained as a consulting advisor!

In Hong Kong he developed the automated visual guidance and control system, a first of its kind, that would allow the pilots to land in virtual no visibility and guide them to the apron stands. Dr. Trivedi received TWO awards from the Hong Kong Government for his outstanding contribution towards building the new airport and helping strengthen the economic engine of Hong Kong.

Presently, he is the President and CEO of his own consulting firm (RT Engineering Consultants) which is a division of Triair Enterprises registered in Canada. He is the current Chairman of this organization.

Dr. Trivedi and his wife Anjali are very active in volunteering their time to assist the less fortunate. Pinnacle of their volunteering achievement has been the recently completed internationally recognized and acclaimed “SGVP International School” in Chharodi, Gujarat, India